Plantronics invades Rampage 2016

Jul 25, 2016

The biggest and grandest event continues, Plantronics joined the action at the League of Legends Rampage 2016 held last July 23, 2016 at World Trade Center, Pasay City. It's an unmatched opportunity to showcase Plantronics top of the line audio communications and gaming technology.

Your Game, Your Life, Your Mix

Fell the game and boost the music with serious gaming gear from Plantronics. Precision  stereo, crystal-clear voice quality and three EQ profiles: Pure, Intensify, Seismic.

RIG series headset is a fitting match to your competitive needs, from intense training session to events and anywhere in between. The flexible headset can be swapped out for translucent or como color options.

RIG 500E - experience the audio advantage of Dolby 7.1 surround technology, hearing a stunning 360-degree sound field with pin-point accuracy for faster reactions. Between games, support for high resolutions 24-bit encoded audio reveals all the detail of your favorite music.

RIG Surround - signature Plantronics performance audio get drenched in a Dobly 7.1 surround sound experience , delivering the pin-point accuracy of positional audio so you feel the action around you and react faster. 

Your Perfect Workout Partner

When talk about having a work out buddy, music is the perfect partner. Plantronics has a the perfect line of sports headphone all designed for comfortable, stable and built for action day or night.

Backbeat Fit, wireless stereo headphones keep pace with you. On-ear controls let you keep moving while you control your music or calls without having to look at your phone or smartwatch. 

Backbeat GO 2, headsets are protected against sweat and moisture damage by P2i technology. The nano-coating is applied during the manufacturing process, resulting in invisible liquid repellent properties that also make the headset more reliable, wherever your busy life takes you. 

Backbeat Sense, Go beyond basics with today’s smartest technology. Streaming audio pauses as soon as you slip off the headphones and resumes playback when you put them on. Control two Bluetooth devices - think smartphone and tablet - up to 330ft/100m away without even touching them.

Packed with zip zapping blast experienced of live eSports action, bizarre cosplay interactions and a day full of on-stage and ground events for all the summoners. See you again next year!