LIFAair is an Air purification experts from Finland. Founded in Helsinki in 1988 and has spent more than 30 years in air pollution control and has worked with worldwide government agencies, healthcare professionals and sporting organizations to improve indoor air quality. LIFAair uses advanced cleaning technology to develop innovative products underpinning the company’s ethos, “Responsible for Every Breath.”

LA350A Smart Air Purifier
LA500V Smart Air Purifier
LA21 (HEPA filter) + LA31 (Active Carbon Filter) - for LA350A
LA33 for LA500V Smart Air Purifier Composite HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter - for LA500V
LAH302 (FRESH/) Smart Air Purifier + Humidifier
LAS302 Smart Air Purifier + Sterilizer
LAD01LA Automotive Filter Element
LAD02LA Automotive Filter Element