LIF Air LAC100 Air Purifier


  • EFFICIENT PURIFICATION - The particle filter layer catches the dust, allergens, and PM2.5 particles, while the second stage active carbon layer absorbs gaseous contaminants and removes odors.
  • CLEAN AIR WHILE ON THE GO - A smart controller to provide readings on air quality levels including CO2 & PM2.5 within the car at all times, designed to provide clean air in compact spaces.
  • INTELLIGENT MONITORING - Monitor your car's indoor air quality at all times. If the levels of PM2.5 or C02 increase, the purifier turns on meaning you can enjoy clean air with optimal power consumption.
  • SAFER DRIVING - Cleaner air inside your car can also make you more alert as high pollution or high CO2 levels of 2000ppm and above are associated with headaches, drowsiness, and loss of attention.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Plug the smart controller into the cigarette connector and connect the USB to the air purifier and you're all set. Suit for larger cars as well.