Ablerex GR2000 2000VA / 1200W UPS w/ LED Display

Control with microprocessor control (Smart Microprocessor Control) There is a set of automatic voltage stabilizer circuit (AVR = Automatic Voltage Regulation). There is a set of overload and short circuit protection overload and short circuit protection. There is a series of surge protection (AC Line Surge Protection) Display as LCD Display Can activate the UPS from the battery without having to connect to the main power system (DC Start) There is a Charge and Discharge Battery control circuit to help extend the battery life (Smart Battery Management). Sealed lead-acid batteries without maintenance (SealMaintenance-free Lead Acid Battery) There is a software system that can monitor and control UPS operation and can shut down (Emily Software).


  • Advanced Battery Discharge Management
    AVR Boost and Buck
    Built-in Self-diagnostics function
    Cold Start function
    User replaceable batteries
    Smart Microprocessor Control Design
    Smart USB Interface for Power Mangement
    Connects up to 3 workstations or 6 devices
    Operating Temperature: 0~45 Degree Celsius