LIFAair LAH302 Smart Air Purifier + Humidifier

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SMART AIR PURIFIER + HUMIDIFIER The LIFAair LAH302 Air Purifier + Humidifier is a combo cleaning unit designed to keep us healthy from difficult climates, pollution, and overactive immune systems, to name a few. People with allergies and other breathing sensitivities will appreciate this combo that helps maintain optimum fresh and clean air levels indoors while also managing the humidity during pollen season, hot summer nights and other challenging climate-related issues. Rapid Cleaning All our air purifiers are equipped with first-rate LIFAsmartâ„¢ Monitor-Controller. It not only measures multiple pollutant levels, but also acts as the command center of the air purifier. Extraordinary filtration combined together with smart command unit makes a perfect pair. LIFAair Realtime Smart Controller The LAH302 uses a top-mounted OLED high-definition display that showcases indoor air quality readings at a glance including indoor temperature, water level, and operating status. At the same time, it is equipped with an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the bright- ness of the screen backlight to avoid light pollution. Intelligent system with Smart Alerts As you pour water over the OLED display and into the purifier, the display changes to water level indicator to monitor and inform you. Once you reach optimum levels, the machine will alert you when it reaches 100% to stop.


Recommended Floor Area
28 – 39 m2
PM2.5 Purification Efficiency
> 99.99% (30min)
Particle CADR
400 m3/h
Bacteria Removal Efficiency
HCHO Purification Efficiency
130 m3/h
Sensor PM2.5
Sensor CO2
Dual Thermopile
Sensor HCHO
Sensor Temp. / Hum.
Semiconductor / Thermal Resistance
Noise Level
32 – 66 dPa
Power Consumption
1 – 60W
Battery Capacity, Monitor Unit
2600 mAh
Filter model number
Diam. 250 x 505
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